Aerial Bunched Cables

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Aerial bunched cables (also aerial bundled conductors or simply ABC) are overhead power lines using several insulated phase conductors bundled tightly together, usually with a bare neutral conductor.  XLPE/Black HDPE insulated aluminum conductors are
laid together (twisted) around aluminum alloy/ ACSR conductor insulated or bare messenger wire to form the Aerial Bunched Cable.
Optional features with neutral & street lighting conductor if and when required.

  • Fewer chances of short circuits caused by external forces like wind and fallen
    branches, unless they abrade the insulation
  • Aerial bunched cables can stand proximity to trees/buildings and not generate sparks if touched.
  • Tree clearance can be avoided due to the reduction in pole height.
  • It is simple to install as crossbars and insulators are not required.
  • Ease of erection and stringing, less labor-intensive and fewer construction resources needed.
  • Aesthetically appealing.
  • Can be installed in a narrower right-of-way.
  • At junction poles insulation of bridging wires are needed to connect non-insulated wires.
  • ABC can dispense with one of these splices. Less risk of a neutral-only break from tree or vehicle damage, increasing safety with TNCs systems.
  • Better safety for linesperson, particularly when working on live conductors.
  • More or less maintenance-free.
  • The theft of power possibility is reduced as unauthorized tapping of power cannot be done without removing the insulation.
  • Much safer than bare conductors as insulated conductors prevent accidental contact and supply can be maintained temporarily even if a suspension system collapse.
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